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Third Party Owned Steam Plants

Today's deregulation of utilities and third party ownership of industrial steam plants is once again setting energy efficiency as a top priority for owners. Manufacturing companies are increasingly looking at options where third party owners acquire and operate the steam plant and enter into long term contracts to supply steam and /or power to the host manufacturing company. This type of arrangement allows the manufacturing company to focus on the production of its product, and the boiler plant owner to focus on producing and selling steam efficiently.

The CHX DuPont fluoropolymer Condensing Heat Exchanger Directly Adds to the Bottom Line.

The CHX DuPont fluoropolymer covered condensing heat exchanger as part of the CHXTM heat recovery system will allow increased steam sales with the same fuel input.

The CHXTM heat recovery system preheating boiler makeup water in and industrial application will reduce the amount of steam required in the deaerator, therefore less fuel can be burned in the boiler to achieve a given steam output. The savings credited to the CHXTM system is directly based on the price of the fuel, the amount of fuel saved, hours of operation and fuel to steam efficiency.

However, when the boiler plant is producing steam which is sold to a customer, the CHXTM system can in effect allow higher steam production at a given fuel consumption. The effect of the CHXTM system can then be quantified by increased steam sales which is typically 3 to 4 times the cost of fuel (as measured in MM Btu's/hr.) This can make the installation of a CHXTM heat recovery system extremely attractive.

In a traditional industrial manufacturing plant, the boiler plant provides steam to the manufacturing operation. Rarely are major capital expenditures allotted to increasing efficiency in the boiler plant. Rather, the emphasis is on production equipment. However, saving 5-10% in fuel costs can reduce overall operational costs significantly.

Save Energy and Money

Directly adds to the company's bottom line.


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