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Breaking the Dew Point Level
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Breaking the Dew Point Barrier

Traditionally, recovering heat from exhaust gas has been economically viable only at temperatures above the acid dew point of the gas. Below this point, cold-end corrosion was inevitable, resulting in premature equipment replacement costs.

Now, Condensing Heat Exchanger (CHXTM) technology, using an advanced DuPont fluoropolymer covering, lets you break the dew point barrier, cost-effectively maximizing your heat recovery potential, while at the same time helping to remove gas toxics.

Economic and Technical Advantages

Advance DuPont fluoropolymer -covered CHXTM condensing heat exchangers offer significant economic advantages over conventional economizers and environmental equipment. The CHXTMsystem:

  • Recovers a much higher portion of sensible waste heat than was possible with previous technologies.
  • Captures additional latent heat resulting from condensation of water vapor present in the exhaust gas.
  • Removes particulates, acid gases and heavy metals to control stack emissions.

The Results?

  • Boiler operating efficiency of more than 90% can be obtained.
  • Direct cash savings in fuel costs can be 10% or more.
  • Toxic removal is, at a minimum, comparable to traditional scrubbing equipment and is improved for condensible air toxic substances.
  • Return on investment is achievable in as little as 18 months.


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