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CHX Condensing Heat Exchangers for Flue Gas Heat Recovery covered with DuPont fluoropolymer

Historically, boiler efficiency has been limited due to the minimum temperature allowed for the auxiliary equipment. Heat lost up the stack was in exchange for keeping the flue gas temperature above the water vapor dew point to protect the air heater or economizer from acid corrosion. If water vapor was allowed to condense out, rapid deterioration, due to acid corrosion, of the outlet duct and stack would also occur.

With the development of CHX condensing heat exchangers, boiler efficiency can now exceed 90%. Approximately 1% gain in boiler efficiency can be expected for every 40 F reduction in flue gas stack temperature.

In the CHX condensing heat exchanger, all gas wetted surfaces are covered with DuPont fluoropolymer. The heat exchanger surfaces covered with DuPont fluoropolymer are impervious to all acids normally resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels. This allows the flue gas to be cooled to below the water vapor dew point with no subsequent corrosion of the heat exchanger surfaces. If this heat is not recovered it will account for a boiler's second largest thermodynamic loss.

In contrast to a conventional flue gas heat exchangers, the CHX heat exchangers covered with DuPont fluoropolymer  are unique in the fact that most cost effective applications have been for heating cold 55 F make-up or process water where latent heat recovery accounts for approximately 33% of the total energy recovered.


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