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IFGT System :
The Scrubber that Pays for Itself

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For superior environmental performance, the Integrated Flue Gas Treatment (IFGT) system expands on the inherent environmental capabilities of the CHXTM. Two stages of Condensing Heat Exchanger combine to form a powerful emission fighter. Flue gas passes through one stage of the IFGT system, giving up its heat in preparation for the scrubbing stage. The gas then passes through a reagent spray, which saturates the flue gas in transition to the second unit. The regent spray, combined with condensation effects in the second stage, effectively reduces air toxics.

How the IFGT System Works

Unlike traditional environmental equipment, an IFGT system also allows a return on investment by recovering heat that's otherwise just been going up the stack.

The Scrubber that pays for itself!

The IFGT technology is patented by the Babcock & Wilcox Company, Barberton, Ohio. B&W provides their expertise in designing the flue gas scrubbing system and CHX  manufactures the DuPont fluoropolymer covered condensing heat exchangers. The IFGT is sold exclusively by Babcock & Wilcox .

Let the B&W/CHX Team look at your scrubbing/heat recovery requirements today.


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