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The CHX System - Leading Edge TechnologyToday, more than 130 CHXTM systems have improved efficiency for a wide spectrum of industries by recovering heat from boiler flue gas; incinerator, furnace and kiln exhausts, textile ovens and dryers; and other process equipment. This recovered heat is being used in applications ranging from process and makeup water heating to combustion air preheat- while simultaneously improving the environment.

The CHXTM System

Whether utilized in industrial steam process boilers, cogeneration or waste-to-energy projects- in original installations or retrofit- CHXTM units have demonstrated their economic viability over and over again. An increase in boiler efficiency of 5 to 12% is achievable.

Typical Cost Savings With a
CHX System:
Average Boiler Steam Load 100,000 lb./hour
Flue Gas Inlet Temperature 350 degrees F
Flue Gas Outlet Temperature 134 degrees F
Temperature of Water Inlet 60 degrees F
Temperature of Water Outlet 181 degrees F
Sensible Btu Recovery 5,971,836
Latent Btu Recovery 3,080,519
Fuel Cost $3.00/mmBtu's/Hr
Annual Saving $291,203


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