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Reduction of Pollutants, CO2

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Cut Down on Global Warming,
Greenhouse Cases

CHX - Cuts Down on Global Warming by Reducing PollutantsCO2 is considered the main greenhouse gas which is contributing to the global warming effect currently the "Hot" topic around the world. The combustion of fossil fuels is the primary emission source of CO2. The only way to reduce CO2 emissions is to...

Burn Less Fuel

The CHX DuPont fluoropolymer covered condensing heat exchanger in a good application will allow less fossil fuel to be burned causing a direct reduction in CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

In addition, boiler exhaust flue gases which have passed through the CHX heat exchanger typically enter the environment at 200 degrees F to 250 degree F cooler than from conventional boiler systems without condensing heat recovery. This greatly reduces "thermal" pollution also said to be detrimental to the earth's atmosphere.


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